29 June 2012

Style : Winnie Détwa

Asalaamu alaykom, to day i'm writing a quick post about one of my favorite style bloggers :

(previously known as modscarfie)

She is a young hijabi with exellent style and exceptional taste and I love how she can make allmost any outfit work. Half of these looks I could never pull off by my self but I love looking at them for inspiration and just for general ideas on how to style my wardrobe :)

One of my favorites!
photo cred : Winnie Détwa 

What impresses me the most about her blog is that she can go from funky-fresh to super classy with ease. It seems that many of her outfits are retro and vintage-inspired, but not all of them are wild. Oftentimes she uses a neutral color palette but still manages to make it her own.

Neutral and pretty, but check out those pants :D
photo cred : Winnie Détwa

I'd like to end by saying that she is truly one of my favorite style bloggers as you can see that her blog (previously modscarfie) is literally the first one on my bookmark tabs LOL! Take a look at her blog and I can promise that you won't be disappointed, you can allso find her on facebook under the same name of Winnie Détwa :)

Allah m3akom,
muslimah on the moon xx


Let me know what your opinions are, all feedback is apreciated!
<3 muslimah on the moon