27 June 2012

OOTD and Tarwee2a!

Asalaamu alaykom ya binaat, inshAllah this post finds all of you in the best of health and spirit :)

Here is a quick snap of todays outfit and the breakfast that accompanied it!

Bangles : Trendy Melbourne
Maxi skirt : Express

Sweater // Scarf : thrift store

Baba ghannouj, ma2ani2, eggs, asparagus, spinach salad :)

Close-up of the asparagus because its one of my favorite foods!

Allah m3ak,
muslimah on the moon xx


  1. love it ;)RED LOOKS LOVELY ON U M'A X

    1. thanks so much sister! i can't believe i got a comment from you, your one of my favorite bloggers :D jazakAllah kheir for your kind words :)


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