13 June 2012

Modern Mary

Asalaamu alaykom ya binaat,
to day I am doing a review for a American-based company named Modern Mary. They specialize in modest attire for young women, and their pieces are fashionable enough that they can be worn by hijabis and non-hijabis alike!

I received the Pleated Shirtdress in Sunshine (size Small) during Hijabi Fashion Week. I want to start of first by saying that these clothes are very well-made and the fabric was thick and soft. The sleeves on the dress are ruffled and I love the structure that they give to the outfit. Unfortunately for hijabis, the only choice is to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath this dress to show off the sleeves, or wear a sweater to cover them. My only complaint about wearing a shirt underneath is that the belt at the waist is kind of figure-revealing so I would not feel comfortable wearing it like that.

And allthough I initialy thought otherwise, I found out that my package was shipped and received in three days, which is very quick!

I loved the button-up collared front though, as it's perfect for anyone who wants to cover their neck.
I would have posted some personal pictures, however I think their sizes are not geared towards busty girls...the Small that I received was rather large in the waist but much too tight on my chest.
Had I studied the size chart more carefully, I should have chosen the Medium or Large as I need a 38" bust, though the waist would have still been large as mine is approximately 21". This, however, is a problem that I have with most brands, so it would be unfair to blame Modern Mary for this...my sister tried it on and she found it to fit perfectly, as she has a very slender frame in comparison to me.

The Small measures as follows...which stays true to their size chart

Bust : 35"
Waist : 28"
Hip : 38"

Here is the picture that I took with my phone, however the lighting does not do it justice! The actual dress is much more similar in color to the above two pictures (courtesy of Modern Mary). My phone made the dress appear faded with a blue tint....the actual colors are much more vibrant and the gray is much closer to the first two pictures.

So although I may have chosen the wrong size, and the proportions are not designed to match my figure, I still absolutely love this dress and will certainly wear it! The design is simple and elegant, so I will find a way to wear it with a sweater and a long scarf in the front to cover the tightness over my bust :)


  1. It really looks stunning and cute at the same time.



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