01 May 2012

Beautiful Gifts from Umm Sultana

Asalaamu alaykom ya binaat, inshAllah kil shee tamaam m3akom..
I feel terrible for not having made a post in so long...I know that most of you girls probaly don't follow my blog regularly, but I still feel guilty nonetheless!

I recently received a beautiful package from the blogger Umm Sultana, you can find her here:

She is opening a store soon in the Philadelphia area for any muslimahs living in the States!Umm Sultana had a giveaway a while back, and I won the competition! The gifts that she sent me were so far beyond my expectations that I don't even know what to say. Mashallah she has impeccable taste, and I was completely blown away by the time and detail that went into this gift. The packaging was adorable and I didn't want to open the pin box because it was so cute...

I will be sure to make a post using all of these items as soon as possible,
I allready know that I'm going to love all of the gifts ;)

Business cards are stunning mashAllah,
I love the adjustable ring as well!

This has become the prettiest pin that I own :)

Fabric and trim to make a DIY scarf,
can't wait to get started on this project

Hashmi kohl and a cute feather/bead clip in for some scarf bling ;)
هاشمي كحل أسود

I absolutely love every thing that I received from her and I feel completely blessed...
Mashallah wa jazaha Allah kheir,
make sure to check out her blog and her store if you live in the States!

Allah m3akom,
muslimah on the moon <3


  1. great gift :)

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to wear all of this awesome stuff :D

  2. those pins are fabulous, as is the packaging! :)

    1. I know! I was so blown away when I opened it, she did a exellent job with this :)

  3. Your gift it's so beautiful, I like it vey much, I also bought one at omega watches online
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