30 May 2012

HFW 2012 - Day 1 : Leaders in Hijab

Asalaamu alaykom ya binaat, inshAllah every thing is well with all of you. Today's post is about Hijabi Fashion Week, which takes place two times a year. It gives girls a chance to express themselves modestly and fashionably at the same time, I was a huge fan last year but didn't have enough courage to participate :P

The theme of the first day is Leaders in Hijab.
I love this theme because it is a great reminder that us hijabis are strong and can accomplish any thing that we want :D I work in a professional environment and play a leadership role allmost every day. Here is a typical outfit that I might wear to work!

Love this scarf!
Bought it from a thrift shop a few months back

Blazer allso from the the thrift shop :D

Paisley is one of my favorite patterns

Mustard yellow purse
Gift from my mother :)

SALE! :)

Allah m3akom,
muslimah on the moon <3


  1. Salam. Yep, I've always dressed like this most of the time, so I can easily relate to your look here. :) love how you wear it, hijab, blazer, top, pants, shoes.. Everything.

    1. JazakAllah kheir for your input sister! Blazers are my favourite since they instantly make all of my clothes more work-appropriate :P


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