17 May 2012

Garden Flowers

Asalaamu alaykom ya binaat, inshallah every thing is well with all of you! Here are some pictures of the day with a new scarf that I purchased recently. I was bored out side and decided to snap some pictures near my mom's garden :D

These purple flowers are so gorgeous and the vines climb up a cute wooden lattice!

The color is gorgeous as well, I've been looking for a scarf in this shade for a long time...

I absolutely love it when flowers grow on vines and twist their way up around the surroundings. 
My dad built a small shed near the fence to store things, and this flower bush matches it perfectly.

The texture of aged wood with
fresh young flowers growing all around
is so pretty..
I love the mixing of old and new
I love these rocks!

Some thing about the way that this broken fence leaned
on the wall struck me, this is my favorite picture :)

Ma'asalaama for now,
wa Allah m3akom :)

muslimah on the moon <3


  1. Very beautiful..
    The scarf and the garden <3
    Feels like I wanna be there right now and snap some pictures too xD

    1. JazakAllah kheir for your kind words sister! I love the summer time and I cant wait for more picture :D

      muslimah on the moon <3


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<3 muslimah on the moon