30 May 2012

HFW 2012 - Day 3 : Time Travel

Asalaamu alaykom ya banaat, inshallah every thing is well with all of you! 
Here is my third outfit for Love HFW

The third day has a theme of Time Travel, so I chose a vintage blazer I found at a thrift shop and paired it with one of my first hijabs that I ever owned! This rose coloured scarf has been with me for a long time, just as I'm sure this blazer was with someone else for just as long :) I paired the blazer and scarf with a nude tank top that I bought this week end and black maxi skirt!

Black Maxi Skirt : Express

Allah m3akom,
muslimah on the moon <3

HFW 2012 - Day 2 : Favorite Hijab

Asalaamu alaykom ya binaat, here is my second entry for Hijabi Fashion Week.

Hijabi Fashion Week

For the second day, you are suposed to pick your favorite scarf..mine is a flower maxi hijab from Princess Rockz that always fits perfectly and gives plenty of coverage no matter how you style it! I highly recommend her products as I have never been disapointed, and the prices are especially reasonable :)


Thought I saw one!

He was right out side the window on a little ledge!
Mashallah it was adorable :D

Scarf : Princess Rockz
Blue Chiffon Maxi Skirt: Express

Allah m3akom,
muslimah on the moon <3

HFW 2012 - Day 1 : Leaders in Hijab

Asalaamu alaykom ya binaat, inshAllah every thing is well with all of you. Today's post is about Hijabi Fashion Week, which takes place two times a year. It gives girls a chance to express themselves modestly and fashionably at the same time, I was a huge fan last year but didn't have enough courage to participate :P

The theme of the first day is Leaders in Hijab.
I love this theme because it is a great reminder that us hijabis are strong and can accomplish any thing that we want :D I work in a professional environment and play a leadership role allmost every day. Here is a typical outfit that I might wear to work!

Love this scarf!
Bought it from a thrift shop a few months back

Blazer allso from the the thrift shop :D

Paisley is one of my favorite patterns

Mustard yellow purse
Gift from my mother :)

SALE! :)

Allah m3akom,
muslimah on the moon <3

17 May 2012

Garden Flowers

Asalaamu alaykom ya binaat, inshallah every thing is well with all of you! Here are some pictures of the day with a new scarf that I purchased recently. I was bored out side and decided to snap some pictures near my mom's garden :D

These purple flowers are so gorgeous and the vines climb up a cute wooden lattice!

The color is gorgeous as well, I've been looking for a scarf in this shade for a long time...

11 May 2012

Food of the Day: الأطعمة المفضلة لهذا اليوم

Asalaamu alaykom girls,
inshAllah every thing is well with each and every one of you...
I took pictures of some food I made yesterday and figured I could share them on here! :D

دجاج محمر

فتوش مع شنكليش

01 May 2012

Beautiful Gifts from Umm Sultana

Asalaamu alaykom ya binaat, inshAllah kil shee tamaam m3akom..
I feel terrible for not having made a post in so long...I know that most of you girls probaly don't follow my blog regularly, but I still feel guilty nonetheless!

I recently received a beautiful package from the blogger Umm Sultana, you can find her here:

She is opening a store soon in the Philadelphia area for any muslimahs living in the States!Umm Sultana had a giveaway a while back, and I won the competition! The gifts that she sent me were so far beyond my expectations that I don't even know what to say. Mashallah she has impeccable taste, and I was completely blown away by the time and detail that went into this gift. The packaging was adorable and I didn't want to open the pin box because it was so cute...

I will be sure to make a post using all of these items as soon as possible,
I allready know that I'm going to love all of the gifts ;)

Business cards are stunning mashAllah,
I love the adjustable ring as well!