14 March 2012

My life : الأهداف

Wallah I know I should have more goals in life. Bas shou bidde a7keelak la7keelak? y3anee ana busy fil jaam3a wa 3ande shoghul kteer kamen :/ 

But firstly, I want to thank Umm Sultana at Lifestyle of a Furiously Fab Muslima for posting a giveaway that prompted my post...you can find her here :

The Giveaway:

Some times you get stuck in a spot where you feel like you aren't going any where... and that's where I am right now. Some of my tests at university didn't go as well as I thought they would and unfortunately some of my summer plans have been cancelled as a result. I was planning on taking a year off and traveling, but a lot of things are not turning out how I expected. I think I'm going to stay at uni for another year wa b3adayn inshallah baru7 masr :)

Goal for the next month:
My goal is to focus a lot on school and put my time and energy in to getting my work done, instead of sitting around and doing nothing. This might sound kind of silly, but I feel like the first step to get my self back on track is to get motavated. I used to care a lot about my classes and grades, but that has slipped a way as time has passed...

Goals for the end of the year:

1. Put more time into my religion and become a more faithful muslimah

It allmost sounds cliche because I'm sure many people feel this way. But to be honest, where I live currently, a lot of people assume that to be a 'good' muslimah, you have to pray five times a day without fail, bow down to a domineering husband, and cover your self from head to toe in a burqa and 3abaaya. Well, I'm sure I don't have to tell you girls that this is a very common stereotype in many different places. For me, this is especially hurtful as I have been trying to become more religious recently. Some times, people have put me down about it when they think that I am not living up to a particular model of religious perfection.

I will admit : there have been times that I skipped a prayer, got in an argument with a7 and yelled at him, or worn an outfit that I shouldn't have. Does this make me a bad muslimah? I don't think so. There have been times where I felt lost in my life, but I have allways turned to religion to help me through. I am just a muslimah who is trying to get on the right track, and a muslimah who is seeking forgiveness for the past, and guidance in the future. AstaghfirAllah.

2. To help my sister ONLY if she asks for it.

I know that the majority of you don't know me in real life, at least we've never met and I've never introduced you to my family. But my youngest sister, as much as I love her with all of my heart, is quite the drama queen in our family. She has a tendency to do very radical things and disrespect my parents, often without intention. She recently turned 17 and has continualy told my parents that she can't wait to move away so they cannot control her life any more. I understand where she is coming from, I used to be in her position. I used to want more freedom, a private life away from my family...but what I have realized, is that their intentions are in the right place, and I cannot blame them for this. She has a temper, she often has a foul mouth on her, and she doesn't care to hear opinions that differ from her own.

Yet, all the same, she is my sister and I love her simply because of this. I want to do every thing in my power to help her get where ever it is that she wants to be in life, regardless of how different it is from my own life path. And I know that it will be very different. I am anchoring myself in Islam and I will do every thing in my power to stay on the right track. But to those who are not on the same path, I do not judge. I love my sister just for being her self, and I only want to help her achieve happiness. If she chooses to follow the same path as me, I would experience a kind of happiness like never before. But if not, I am prepared to let it go. People have told me that we are complete opposites, and I agree that it may appear this way on the out side. So many times we go out togather and I hear the whispers, "How old is her sister? Why doesn't she wear hijab?" And I will admit that I used to be embarassed by this, because I didn't have an answer for them. Since then, I have realized that I do not owe them an answer, nor does my sister owe one to me. What she chooses to do in this life is between her and Allah (swt), and inshallah she will make the most of it.


3. To quit wasting money

In a world where the minority of people control the majority of the wealth, this concept should go with out saying. But to be honest with my self, I have grown up relatively privileged for most of my life. When I was younger, I admit that I was a spoiled little girl. I used to complain when I wanted new toys, or get angry when my parents wouldn't buy me some thing at the store. And as my teenage years started, I often spent money in excess and bought things that I didn't really need. I still have clothes in my closet with the tags fully atached and shoes still in the box.

But as time has passed, I've realized that my parents only want the best for me because they love me. They didn't care about price tags and the latest fashions, they just wanted to see me smile. And as I look back at all the times where my parents sacrificed for me to be happy, I know that I will do the same for them in the future. There will be a time when my parents need me to help them, and I don't want to let them down because I've wasted my money on the latest Jimmy choos.


I apologize for the rant, wallah ana moot asifa, bas some times you just gotta let it out :P

Take care, wa m3a asalaama
muslimah on the moon <3


  1. asalamu alaykum sis! You won the giveaway ((hooray!!!) please email me at furiouslyfabmuslima@gmail.com to claim your prize!!!!

    1. jazakallah kheir sister, thank you so much, i cannot wait! :)

      take care,
      muslimah on the moon

  2. Salam habibti,
    what a great post. Straight from the heart. I have been there and done that. It's frustrating but it all comes down to Allah guides whom he wishes. As a blogger I always get told off by those who know me and my family that it's disgraceful that I share my life on a blog blah blah blah. I just quite listening and do my thing. Can't make ppl happy so why start now.

    1. wa asalaam 'alayk...thank you so much for reading, it means alot to know that people actualy read what im putting out there lol! And unfortunatly i dont have the confidence to tell my family about my blog yet, i know they would be very disaproving though :/ my opinion is that most people who are reading this are young muslim girls and inshallah they wont be judging me any ways :P

      Allso i will be writing a post tomorow with your beautiful jewelery and scarf, hopefully you will like it! :)

  3. no need to apologize for rants. what else are blogs for? hehe. i also dislike it when people try to define the term "religious" and pass those kind of judgements ..but it's good that you are motivated and making this list of goals. may Allah keep drawing you ever closer to Him.


    1. Thank you for your kind words sister, glad to know im not the only one using my blog to vent about life :P inshAllah, I can only pray that I achieve all these goals!

      Take care,
      muslimah on the moon


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