12 March 2012

OOTD: BB HIjabs Red Polka Dot Review

Asalaamu 'alaykom ya binaat, inshallah kul shee mnee7 wa ta7t asi6ara el youm ;)

Soo I have been procrastinating alot lately and have finally decided that enough is enough. Rainy weather recently has been bringing me down and I haven't been getting much done...in fact, I've gotten nothing done! I skipped a class to day because I'm not ready to come back from spring break yet :( In response to this, I have decided that I need to get motivated and start pushing my life in the right direction. So many opportunities have come to me, and I have not taken advantage of them. I don't want to live with regrets and I've realized that I should put more effort in to every thing that I do. 

Point being...I'm going to try to keep up to date with my blog and not get discouraged when it doesn't turn out perfect. At least I'll be motavating my self to get up and do some thing in the morning! :) 

Here is my OOTD...let me know what you guys think!

From: BB Hijabs       http://www.bb-hijabs.com/
Cost: Originally 12£, but I got it on sale for about 6£!
Size: Approximately 190cm x 65 cm, or 75"x25.5"
Material: Chiffon mix, I think..

Overall, I really like this scarf. It is not too soft, but not too stiff either..which means I can wrap it in the Turkish style and it easily creates the peak at my forehead! One of the difficulties with pashminas is that they are not always 'shapable' and have a tendency to fall flat. The scarf itself it very large and thin, with small dots covering it. It has a bright cherry red color and is very complimentary on darker skin tones, especialy olive! :) I think that for paler skins, however, it might create a washed out look...

I like this scarf due to its large size (it's longer than I am!) and easily shapable form. I recommend giving their website a look, the prices are very reasonable and when on sale, I allmost felt guilty of robbing them by buying so many at such a low cost! ;)

There's the perfect peak I was talking about!

I matched the scarf with a simple white sweater
and a navy blue maxi dress with white-crochet accents

Allah m3akom,
muslimah on the moon <3


  1. Nice outfit. And what a cute scarf.


    1. Jazakallah kheir for your kind words sister! :)

      muslimah on the moon <3


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<3 muslimah on the moon