16 February 2012

OOTD: Stripes and Skirts

Asalaamu 3aleykom ya binaat, inshAllah kulu tamaam m3akom! I am working recently on trying to find time for my blog, but all of the recent activity due to my classes has made it impossible. Here's my quick OOTD that I put together. I've been working on trying to wear skirts recently, as some of my shirts are not quite long enough to wear comfortably with pants :(

I also have a question for any one who is willing to answer...I need some help with camera tips so I can get better pictures. Any suggestions welcome! Let me know what you think...

Scarf: Target, sale 4.00$
Maxi Skirt: Express, sale 20.00$
Sweater and Bangles: gifted
Tunic: Forever21

 muslimah on the moon <3


  1. Inti sheklik 7ilwa awi! I love the drape of the scarf most especially. I would really recommend making your photos nice and large on the blog. Ppl like to see details. Also try looking into a program called Photoscape. I use it to edit my photos. It is super amazing once you get a hang of it, you can add back lights and alter photos shot in the night to look like the day time. Also you can add objects like text.

    Let me know if that helps inshallah


    1. rabenaa ye5aleeki ya 7abibte, da min zo2ak :) I will try to make more big pictures then, I realized that is some thing that I like to see on every one elses blogs as well..and I will defanitely try out the program and let you know how it goes, inshAllah. I apreciate the suggestions sooo much as I'm in the process of trying to get my blog to look nice like so many of yours do, mashAllah :)

  2. Salam habibti,

    lovely hijab mashallah.
    Re suggestions- Larger pictures and using the correct settings depending on the lighting. I just purchased a tripod and remote control for my camera. I saved to purchase a Nikon DSLR. But I think it's how well you use the camera setting.
    Jazaki allah khair UmmaSultana fr sharing. I have just downloaded Photoscape and can't wait to use it.

    Sorry for the essay.
    Here is a post using my new tripod http://www.trendymelbourne.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/stroll-to-unwind.html

    1. Oh I knew it! I need to get a good camera but paying for uni and my shopping adiction doesn't leave me a lot of spare change :P the tripod is a great idea though, usually I just try to angle my camera on top of a pile of stuff and play with it until it works lol! Thanks for the sugestions, I'll defanitely start making my pictures larger as that seems to be a popular idea :) jazakAllah kheir for your help


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