27 February 2012

Cookin' in the Kitchen : الأطعمة المفضلة لهذا الأسبوع

Asalaamu 3aleykom ya binaat, inshallah every thing is well for all of you. I decided to change things up to day and rather then presenting my outfit of the day, which consists of some very fashionable sweatpants lol, I decided to post a few pics of the best meals that me and a7 made during the week. I know the pictures aren't great, but I'm still working on getting the lighting/editing right, so bear with me....

 Veggie pizza with tomatos, spinach and fetta
البيتزا بالخضار وفيتا


 Kebab with rice and veggies
الكباب مع الأرز والخضار المشوية

Kafta that turned out perfect, 7amdellah!


  1. TbarkaAllah. It seems delicious!


  2. Wow, that looks delicious!! You should post the recipes!!

    My recent post http://sippingchai.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/good-character-part-3/.

    1. Inshallah, I'm trying to keep up with making posts regularly...hopefully I will get around with enough time to add some recipes on here, especialy since I love food so much :D

  3. wow looks like you know how to cook food from a variety of cultures! good job with the pizza, i know its harder than it seems to get the crust right

    and nice blog overall! dont worry i have soo many problems getting the lighting on my camera right too. its a learning process! :)


    1. I like a lot of variety in my food else I get bored quickly :P and the crust was kind of in the middle, which is why you guys only got a snapshot of part of the pizza LOL :)

      I'm working on the pictures though, inshallah I'm going to make another OOTD post to day and play around with the lighting untill I get it right :)


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