22 February 2012

BB Hijabs

Asalaamu 3alaykom ya binaat, inshAllah kul shee mnee7 m3akom elyoum..keef al 7al, aish al a5bar?

Recently I purchased three scarfs from BB Hijabs, a UK-based company that offers very reasonable prices. In the hurry of moving around my apartment, I misplaced them..but I just found them again on a cleaning spree! I've never worn them before but once I do, I will be sure to post a review. Here are some quick pictures of the goodies :) Any opinions on them before I take them on a test drive?

The package was a little scuffed from its journey in my closet...

Brown Pashmina

Ivory Disco

Not sure what this one was called, but it's a bright red with polka dot pattern...

Inshallah I will quickly find time to write a review after I try them out for a few days! 

Take care,
muslimah on the moon <3


  1. can't wait for the review sis. I have not heard of the company before. My opinions are always dependent on the size. If its not big I dont like (at least on me that is). I like the red one, I have always wanted to wear a red scarf but have not made the jump yet haha!


    1. I know where your coming from in terms of size, I've bought sooo many scarfs thinking that they would be big enough, only to get home and realize they arent long enough in the back...I stick to maxi hijabs now and dont even bother with it if it isnt super long! And well see how the red scarf goes, its the first one I ever bought that is this vibrant..and I'm slightly worried that I'll look like a giant tomato LOL :)


Let me know what your opinions are, all feedback is apreciated!
<3 muslimah on the moon