11 January 2012

Review: PrincessRockz Chocolate Bon Bon

Salaam ya binaat, inshAllah kul shee tamaam elyoum! Ana mnee7a, 7amdellah..especialy since I have finaly received my package of scarves from the UK-based company Princess Rockz. This is my first purchase from their website and it will certainly not be my last! 

I bought six scarves in total (all from the seconds/reduced section) and am very impressed so far. One of my favorites from the package is the Chocolate Bon Bon Hijab, which is solid in colour but has bobble-detailing around the edges.

The scarf itself is 100% polyester and measures 192x60cm, it was the perfect size for me! The material is very lightweight but not sheer, and easily breathable. 

Even better, the cost is regularly £5.20 but mine was only £3.50 because it was in the seconds section. And although all of my scarfs were considered to have "small defects such as tiny holes or snags," I was hard pressed to find any iregularities until I went slowly through the entire scarf.

Check out her products here: http://www.princessrockz.co.uk

Here is a quick outfit I put together with this scarf:
Let me know what you guys think :)

Wallet: Liz Claiborne
Sweater: Merona
Dress: Kathy Ireland


  1. Love hijab and purse

    1. Thank you for your kind words sister! <3

    2. I think the whole thing is really pretty mashallah. I really like your style!!



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