21 January 2012

My Top 4 Resources for Modest Clothes

Asalaamu 'aleykom ya binaat! InshAllah all is well...

Today I am posting about online resources that every muslimah can use when she's unable to find suitable clothes in the local shops. I have lived in both extremes: where there is a large Islamic community and modest clothes are available every where, but allso where the Islamic community is relatively nonexistent and the majority of my wardrobe was gathered from the maternity section of major department stores.

One of my biggest struggles at university is finding appropriate clothes that I can actually afford. So many times I find myself in a shop that has cute outfits, yet for some reason they barely cover my stomach. When I eventually find my way into the winter rack, I can usually find a few modest things that I like. Yet, a lot of stores in the downtown area near my university are small boutiques that argue quality over quantity and the prices are steep. Now don't get me wrong, I love well-made things and I would be willing to spend if it was worth it. But every time I find myself in this position, I allways wonder if I could find it cheaper somewhere else...so here is a compilation of the places that I usually look!

InshAllah this may be of help to sisters who find themselves in a similar situation! Comment and let me know what you think, or link to any websites you might recommend!

muslimah on the moon <3

1. eBay : eBay is one of my top resources, it compiles products offered from all kinds of people and all kinds of places. It's kind of like an online auction market where you can find allmost anything. My strategy is to look here for scarves and cardigans that are of a name brand where I allready know what my size is. I have contemplated buying 3abayaat, has any one bought some from this website?

On eBay, there are literally millions of people trying to sell their wares. Some items are handmade, some are straight from top department stores, but as long as you know what your looking for, it's usually a cinch. The prices can be low or high, it depends on the seller and quality of product. But I can usually say with certainty that most clothes on this site are priced much lower then they are in the store! The only downside to eBay is that some times you have to sift through a lot of bad stuff before you find the gem.

2. Etsy : To be honest, I have never actually tried this site myself, but I have heard great things about it. I plan on checking it out very soon and I will relay my results when I decide! If any one has tried Etsy or has opinions about it, be sure to comment because I am very curious.

3. Topshop, Forever 21, H&M : These are the stores that are geared towards teens and young women for the most part. The clothes aren't allways the best quality, but the prices are usually very affordable. A lot of times, you have to dig through the racks and find the items that are of decent quality, but the low prices make these stores very tempting! Often times I buy tank tops, undershirts and camis here because they are very inexpensive and nobody sees them, so they don't have to be great quality.


4. Express : I order my clothes from this store online. I have purchased a lot of their 'dresses,' which are usually short enough that I wear them as a shirt with a maxi skirt or with loose pants. Many of their dresses are short sleeved and I like to wear a long-sleeve of a different colour underneath and then coordinate my hijab. My absolute favorite item from this store, however, is their cotton maxi skirt with the a fold-over top.  I cannot stress how much these skirts have become a staple in my closet!

11 January 2012

Review: PrincessRockz Chocolate Bon Bon

Salaam ya binaat, inshAllah kul shee tamaam elyoum! Ana mnee7a, 7amdellah..especialy since I have finaly received my package of scarves from the UK-based company Princess Rockz. This is my first purchase from their website and it will certainly not be my last! 

I bought six scarves in total (all from the seconds/reduced section) and am very impressed so far. One of my favorites from the package is the Chocolate Bon Bon Hijab, which is solid in colour but has bobble-detailing around the edges.

The scarf itself is 100% polyester and measures 192x60cm, it was the perfect size for me! The material is very lightweight but not sheer, and easily breathable. 

Even better, the cost is regularly £5.20 but mine was only £3.50 because it was in the seconds section. And although all of my scarfs were considered to have "small defects such as tiny holes or snags," I was hard pressed to find any iregularities until I went slowly through the entire scarf.

Check out her products here: http://www.princessrockz.co.uk

Here is a quick outfit I put together with this scarf:
Let me know what you guys think :)

Wallet: Liz Claiborne
Sweater: Merona
Dress: Kathy Ireland