24 December 2011

مشاريع المستقبل : coming soon

Asalaamu 3aleikum wa saba7 al 5eir ya binaat, inshallah kul shee tamaam m3akum! 

Just thought I would let every one know that I recently ordered a ton of scarves from two different online stores. Both are UK-based companys, and I think the delivery time outside of Europe is a bit slow...so it might be a while, mish mishkila wa inshallah bisur3a! 

bas 3ala ay 7al, ana mabsoo6a 3ashan ma 3andee shoghul elyoum :D

        And here is a quick preview of the next post to come...

m3asalaama for now,
muslimah on the moon <3


  1. hey thank you for following, im looking forward to seeing the scarfs you brought, i feel like i need some more even though i have too many already lol x

    1. and thank you for returning the follow! i know exactly how you feel about needing more scarfs, and i cant wait to get started on more posts once i have extra time <3


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